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Night Swimming (a persuasive piece about a Vermont family adventure)


Night Swimming

Night swimming is really cool and fun!

Night swimming is really cool because the smells are fresh, cold, and peaceful.  It makes you feel relaxed and calm.

Night swimming is interesting because you get to go swimming.  I never would have expected that the water is soothing and fun at the same time.

I like looking at the stars because you can see the constellations like the Big and Little Dippers.

That’s why you should go night swimming.


How the Stars Came to Be (a Vermont legend)

Young Eagles

Young Eagles

The morning we were going flying, I jumped out of bed and hurried to get ready.  I was so excited.

The next thing, it happened so quickly that it felt like I was already there.  I walked to the Cherokee.  I put on the head set, and then we were taxiing down the runway.  I felt a whooshing motion, and we were in the air!

I felt the plane leave the ground!  We were flying!

We flew over our tiny school.  I could see the miniature people on the playground.  We turned around, and we went to land.  I saw my classmates and felt us land.  I got out.  I was super excited.

Then we went to the control and got to see a plane land from up there.

Thank you, Young Eagles pilots!


Brown to Green

Brown to Green

Can you guess yet?

Sweet flowers,

Swaying trees,


Lots of syrup.

Any guesses?

Flowers, chickadees, mud,

Streams, lots of energy,

Warm mud and a breeze.

It’s spring!


Spring is a new day dawning!

The leaves swim with life.

Dandelions spring to life.

Birds chirp, grass starts to canter.

Bees buzz and dance with the dandelions.

Buds awaken, rivers babble.

The sun sparkles on the river like crystal.

Birds sway through the waves of the sky.

Ants start to ride through the grass.

It’s spring!


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