The Person You See Every Night

The Person You See Every Night


I glow like fire!

I shine in the wavy black sky.

I look at the stars and wonder, “Do I look like that?”

I hear “hooooot”, “ooowww”, and “creeet”!

I am the shimmering moon.


About Cherie Blessing

My name is Miss Blessing, and I would like to welcome you to our class blog! Teaching is the calling of my heart, and I hope to set an example of tenacious engagement in learning this year. Let the Great Adventure begin!

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  1. Wow Animal’s Blog! I really like this because you said, “I shine in the wavy black sky.” And I like how you started by saying, “I glow like fire!”
    That is why I really like this post! I will be commenting on some of your other work. Bye, Bye, Animals Blog!
    – Garter Scales Blog.
    P.S. I hope you comment on some of
    my work to bye bye.

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