Alien Invasion!

One day at school, I was playing on the field, and out of nowhere a UFO appeared. My brain was like, “Where? What? Why? How?”
One minute I was on the field, and the next minute I was in the UFO. Three aliens were huddled around me. Like what is that?
I said, “Hello. What are you?”
“We are aliens from Mars. Now what are you?”
“I am a person who would like it if you put me back on the ground on the field.”
“Okay, but can you tell us about your species?”
“Sure, but there’s not much to us.”
I told them about us, and they brought me back to school.


About Cherie Blessing

My name is Miss Blessing, and I would like to welcome you to our class blog! Teaching is the calling of my heart, and I hope to set an example of tenacious engagement in learning this year. Let the Great Adventure begin!


  1. Great job sharing this!

  2. I think you would make friends with an alien you at a super nice person and very friendly.

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