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Alien Invasion!

One day at school, I was playing on the field, and out of nowhere a UFO appeared. My brain was like, “Where? What? Why? How?”
One minute I was on the field, and the next minute I was in the UFO. Three aliens were huddled around me. Like what is that?
I said, “Hello. What are you?”
“We are aliens from Mars. Now what are you?”
“I am a person who would like it if you put me back on the ground on the field.”
“Okay, but can you tell us about your species?”
“Sure, but there’s not much to us.”
I told them about us, and they brought me back to school.

Where My Feet Went This Summer

Hello! My name is Foot. My body and I go on many adventures, but this one is about going to Hannah’s. I’m not talking about the one at school. I’m talking about my cousin’s mom.

I took a nap on the way there. It was a loooong ride. When we finally got there, we almost walked in the wrong door.

Oh! But don’t worry. Hannah waved to us, so we got to the right apartment.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you they live in an apartment, so we got to there. We hugged Everly, Hannah, and Ava. Hey, that’s my job! Sorry, Arms. Next we talked with Ava. Then we went swimming twice. Sadly, we had to leave.

It’s Okay

It’s okay to make weird crafts.
It’s okay to switch your room a lot.
It’s okay to play with stuffies more than other toys.
It’s okay to spend time in your room instead of watching tv.
It’s okay to have a stuffy hospital.
It’s okay to talk to stuffies.
It’s okay to play alone.
It’s okay to have stuffies as a friend.

My Wonder Project: How do lightbulbs work?

If I Were a 49er: Gold Rush

I heard people talking about the Gold Rush at Sutter’s Mill, and I got interested.  So I decided to go and try panning for gold.  If it didn’t work out, I would sell tools for the miners.

So I got on a covered wagon and headed over there to California.  When I got to Sutter’s Mill, I started panning for gold.  The water was freezing!  So I got on my knees and leaned over the water and scooped mud in my pan.  Something shiny caught my eye!  I shouted, “Gold!”

I wanted to see if I could find more, but it didn’t work.  I started selling tools instead.  I got rich and had a great time.

Leading Bible Class: Ruth

Ten Things to be Happy About My Bed

  1.  My fuzzy dog stuffy
  2. My cat pillow
  3. My stuffy cat
  4. My cat blanket sheet that’s fuzzy
  5. My adorable beanie babies
  6. My cat baby stuffy
  7. My cat stuffy
  8. My Pokemon blanket
  9. My Pokemon stuffies
  10. My cat lamp

If I Were a Shepherd

If I were there when Jesus was born, I would be a shepherd because I felt happy that a Savior would come and save me.  I would go to him like them.  I would praise God.  I would tell all the people about Him, the Savior.

Monkey in the Middle

Here is how to play Monkey in the Middle.  First, we need three people and a frisbee.  Next, we pick the monkey.  Then we throw the frisbee to the other person.  If the monkey gets it, the person who threw it will be in the middle.  You can keep playing as long as you want because there is no winner.

The Person You See Every Night

The Person You See Every Night


I glow like fire!

I shine in the wavy black sky.

I look at the stars and wonder, “Do I look like that?”

I hear “hooooot”, “ooowww”, and “creeet”!

I am the shimmering moon.

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