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Sunny, fun

Playing, swinging, singing

Sunny to cloudy

Crying, thinking, praying

Cloudy, gloomy


Sketchnotes on Heaven for Kids


STEAM Sewing with Mrs. Shedd

Ode to My Stuffies

Ode to My Stuffies

(a playful poem)


Oh, my stuffies!

I love you so much!

You’re so fuzzy,

All you have in you is stuffing.

You don’t talk, 

And that’s why I love you,

Because you never give an opinion.

You just agree with ME!

Oh, you’re so precious.

Your stuffing makes you so fat.

Stuffies, I love your eyes.

I adore you.


If You’re Not From Spring

If You’re Not From Spring


If you’re not from spring,

You don’t know the trees swaying in the breeze,


If you’re not from spring,

You don’t know the big fluffy clouds,

Animals dancing in the blue sky.


If you’re not from spring, 

You don’t know the green grass,

How it tickles your feet when you’re wearing no shoes while running wild,

And the sound of the birds,

How it looks like they’re dancing to the music of the wind,

And the feeling of the warm air and the hot sun,

And seeing the flowers blooming.


My hands are the clouds of spring,

Swimming in the waters of the blue sky.

I’m Talking Gross!

I’m Talking Gross!

(a thesaurus poem)


I’m talking gross!

I’m talking disgusting!

I’m talking yucky, awful!

I’m talking icky, nasty, funky!

I’m talking slimy, dreaded, rotten!

I’m talking GROSS!

Fall Student-led Conference

STEAM Sewing Project

We got to sew a cooking or shop apron with Mrs. Shedd!

One of My Heroes: My Dad

One of my Heroes:  My Dad

Dad is amazing and great!  He helps me with my homework.  He helps me when I get stuck in math.  He gives me great big hugs.  He especially gives me great big hugs when I am sad.  That’s why my dad’s super name is Mr. Incredible!

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